DELBio Medical Mesh Nebulizer and accessories
DELBio medical mesh nebulizer can be used for small medical atomized hand-held nebulizers of all ages. It is suitable for patients with asthma and chronic respiratory diseases. It is lightweight and convenient for home care assistance. Using the latest technology of nickel-palladium alloy mesh technology, high atomization rate, can use a variety of inhalation dosage forms of liquid medicine, approaching zero drug residue. Nickel-palladium alloy chemical resistant agent is corroded by acid and alkali, and has a long service life. The high-tech mesh production technology precisely controls the apparent inhalation performance of each mesh and the high fineness of the atomized particles to achieve auxiliary treatment.
The medication cup is made of imported German material, which used to manufacture baby bottles, does not contain the toxic substance bisphenol A, which is dangerous to health. After spray treatment, the medication cup can be simple clean.
DELBio medical mesh nebulizer is audited and certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Product description


Application range
Atomizing liquid into aerosol molecules and delivering them to ther user's respiratory tract for the purpose of respiratory therapy.

Applicable ethnic group
Patients with asthma and chronic respiratory diseases. Users of all ages, except those with pulmonary edema or coma who cannot breathe spontaneously.


Patented design technology of medication cup makes full use of medicines

  High atomization rate,high fineness of atomized particles

Japan's nickel-palladium alloy mesh sheet technology


The madication cup is made of German imported material which use to manufacture baby bottles, and does not contain the toxic substance bisphenol A that is harmful to health
The mask and mouthpiece do not contain plasticizer


Only four steps before starting the treatment.


Weight : 105 ± 5 (Battery excluded)

Dimension : Approx. L64.6*W49.6*H115.1 mm 

Nebulization Rate : ≧ 0.25ml/min

Particle Size : MMAD between 5.0 and 2.3 µm

Capacity of Medicine Cup : Approx.8 ml

Instruction Video